Why to Choose the Bosch 27-Inch Microwave Oven Combo?


Choosing a kitchen appliance is not just about functionality; it’s about enhancing your overall cooking experience. The Bosch 27-Inch Microwave Oven Combo stands out as a testament to Bosch’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or want reliable and efficient kitchen equipment, this oven combo checks all the boxes.


Few reasons to Choose ‘27-inch’ Microwave Oven Combo


1: Space Efficiency: The 27-inch model strikes a balance between compactness and functionality, making it an ideal choice for kitchens with limited space.

2: Versatility: The Microwave Oven Combo offers a versatile solution, combining microwave and oven functionalities in a single unit, catering to diverse cooking needs.

3: Energy Efficiency: With a smaller size, the 27-inch model is often more energy-efficient than larger counterparts, contributing to cost savings over time.

 4: Cost-Effective: Compared to the 30-inch models, the 27-inch variant generally comes at a more budget-friendly price point, offering value without compromising performance.


We’ll delve into the real-world applications of the Bosch 27-Inch Microwave Oven Combo, providing you with a buying guide to make an informed decision for your kitchen

Bosch offers 4 models of 27-Inch Microwave Oven.

Lets have a look!

1: 500 Series Built-In Microwave Oven 27” Stainless steel

500 Series Built-In Microwave Oven 27'' Stainless steel

As a recent buyer of the Bosch 500 Series Built-In Microwave Oven, I am thrilled with its performance and functionality. The 27-inch stainless steel design seamlessly providing a unique and modern look.

The 1.6 cu. ft. capacity is perfect for various cooking needs. The 950-watt microwave power, coupled with the automatic sensor, ensures my food is cooked to perfection every time. This feature has been particularly useful for reheating food without any risk of overcooking.

The LCD controls are user-friendly and offer precise adjustments, allowing me to tailor cooking settings to my preferences. The 10 power levels provide versatility for different recipes, accommodating anything from quick snacks to elaborate meals.

The drop-down door design adds convenience, and the timer with cook time and delay start function enhances flexibility in meal preparation. The keep warm feature has been a lifesaver during busy evenings, maintaining the temperature of my dishes until serving time.

In summary, the Bosch 500 Series 27-inch Microwave Oven combines style, functionality, and advanced functions, making it the best choice for those seeking an efficient appliance for their kitchen.


– Sleek Design: The stainless steel construction offers a modern and stylish appearance, seamlessly blending with kitchen aesthetics.

– Optimal Size: With a 27-inch design, it’s a space-efficient option for those seeking a built-in microwave without sacrificing valuable kitchen space.

– Ample Capacity: The 1.6 cu. ft. capacity provides sufficient room for various cooking needs, accommodating larger dishes with ease.

– Powerful Performance: Boasting 950 watts of microwave power, this model ensures quick and efficient cooking, making it suitable for busy households.

– Advanced Features: Equipped with sensor cooking technology and 10 power levels, it offers precision and versatility in preparing a wide range of recipes.


– Limited Color Options: The stainless steel finish may limit color choices, potentially posing a challenge for those seeking specific color coordination in their kitchen.

– Price Point: As a part of the 500 Series, it may be relatively higher in price compared to basic microwave models, which could be a consideration for budget-conscious consumers.

– Complex Controls: Some users may find the controls, including the LCD interface, slightly complex initially, requiring time to fully understand and utilize all features.

2: 800 Series Speed Oven 27” Stainless steel

800 Series Speed Oven 27'' Stainless steel


Bosch 800 Series Speed Oven 27” in Stainless Steel has transformed our cooking experience. The sleek design seamlessly integrates into my kitchen, giving it a modern touch. The Speed Chef Cooking feature is a game-changer; it quickly prepares meals without compromising taste. The 27-inch size is ideal for smaller kitchens, offering ample capacity without taking up excessive space.

The convection cooking capabilities of this oven provide versatility for various dishes, from baking to roasting. The Speed Oven feature combines microwave technology with convection cooking, ensuring efficiency without sacrificing flavor. The digital controls are intuitive, allowing easy navigation through cooking options.

One standout feature is the Speed Chef menu, which simplifies the cooking process by automatically adjusting time and temperature settings. The stainless steel interior not only enhances durability but also makes cleaning a breeze.

While the oven’s price may be higher, the combination of advanced features, space efficiency, and elegant design justifies the investment. If you’re looking for a multifunctional appliance that combines speed, efficiency, and style, the Bosch 800 Series Speed Oven is a worthwhile choice.


– SpeedChef Technology: The innovative SpeedChef feature ensures rapid cooking, saving valuable time in meal preparation.

– Convection Cooking: With convection capabilities, it provides even baking and roasting, expanding your cooking options.

– Sleek Design: The stainless steel finish not only adds a modern touch to your kitchen but also enhances durability and easy cleaning.

– Intuitive Controls: The digital controls are user-friendly, offering easy navigation through various cooking settings.



– Price: As a high-end appliance, the Bosch 800 Series Speed Oven comes with a premium price tag.

– Learning Curve: Due to its advanced features, there might be a learning curve for users unfamiliar with convection and SpeedChef technology.


3: 800 Series Single Wall Oven 27” Stainless Steel

800 Series Single Wall Oven 27'' Stainless Steel

I am thrilled with its performance and features, Bosch 800 Series Single Wall Oven in 27” Stainless Steel. The oven not only enhances the aesthetics of our kitchen with its sleek stainless steel design but also brings a new level of functionality to my cooking routine.

The European Convection technology ensures even baking and roasting, providing consistent results every time. The touch controls are intuitive and user-friendly, allowing for easy operation and precise temperature adjustments. I particularly appreciate the Quiet Close doors, which add a touch of convenience to my busy kitchen – no more slamming doors after a hectic cooking session.

One standout feature is the oven’s self-cleaning capability, saving me valuable time and effort in maintaining its pristine condition. The True Convection feature has been a game-changer, especially for baking delicate pastries and achieving a golden, crispy finish.

The spacious interior of the oven accommodates large dishes effortlessly, making it ideal for entertaining guests or preparing family meals. The versatile cooking options and modes cater to a variety of recipes, from quick weeknight dinners to elaborate weekend gatherings.

Investing in the Bosch 800 Series Single Wall Oven is a wise choice for those seeking a combination of style and high-performance features. Whether you are a passionate home chef or someone who enjoys the convenience of advanced cooking appliances, this oven delivers on its promises and elevates your culinary experience.


– Flush Installation: The Bosch 800 Series Single Wall Oven features a flush installation, providing a seamless and integrated look in your kitchen, enhancing its aesthetics.

– QuietClose® Door: The oven is equipped with a QuietClose® door with dampened hinges, ensuring smooth and quiet operation, eliminating the annoyance of slamming doors.

– Convection Pro Technology: With Convection Pro technology, this oven includes a third heating element and a fan that evenly circulates air for precise and consistent cooking results.

– Intuitive Touch Controls: The oven boasts Touch Control with Steel Touch™ buttons, making it user-friendly and easy to operate for a more enjoyable cooking experience.


– Limited Reviews: While the available reviews are generally positive, there might be a limitation in the number of customer reviews, making it challenging to gather diverse feedback.

– Premium Price: The Bosch 800 Series Single Wall Oven is positioned as a high-end appliance, and the premium features come with a higher price tag, making it less budget-friendly compared to some alternatives.


4: 800 Series Double Wall Oven 27”

800 Series Double Wall Oven 27


Bosch 800 Series Double Wall Oven 27” has truly transformed my kitchen & cooking experience. One standout feature is the European Convection technology, ensuring even baking and roasting results. The ovens’ spacious 7.8 cu. ft. capacity is a game-changer, allowing me to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously.

The touch controls are intuitive, offering precise temperature adjustments and easy navigation. The self-cleaning function is a time-saver, eliminating the hassle of scrubbing after each use. The Quiet Close® doors are a thoughtful touch, closing gently and silently, preventing any disturbances in the kitchen.

One of the most useful features is the double oven design. With two separate compartments, I can bake in one and broil in the other simultaneously, perfect for hosting dinner parties or preparing elaborate meals. The convection cooking option ensures that each dish is cooked to perfection, whether it’s a delicate pastry or a hearty roast.

The stainless steel finish not only adds a touch of elegance to my kitchen but also makes cleaning a breeze. The exterior remains fingerprint-resistant, maintaining its sleek appearance even during heavy use.

Investing in the Bosch 800 Series Double Wall Oven is a wise choice for those who love to entertain or enjoy cooking a variety of dishes at once. Its advanced features, ample capacity, and durable design make it a valuable addition to any kitchen.


– Spacious Capacity: The oven offers a generous capacity for cooking large meals, making it suitable for families or entertaining guests.

– European Convection: Equipped with European Convection technology, it ensures even baking results, providing consistent and delicious dishes.

– Sleek Design: The stainless steel finish and modern design enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, creating a sophisticated look.

– Touch Control with SteelTouch™ Buttons: The user-friendly touch controls, including SteelTouch™ buttons, make operating the oven easy and intuitive.


   – Price: As a premium appliance, the Bosch 800 Series     Double Wall Oven may have a higher upfront cost compared to other models.

  – Installation Location: Depending on kitchen layout, installing a double wall oven may require careful consideration for accessibility and placement.

Buying Guide for Bosch 27-Inch Microwave Oven Combo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the key feature of Bosch 27-inch Microwave Oven Combos?

Bosch 27-inch Microwave Oven Combos offer a versatile combination of microwave and oven functionalities, providing a space-saving solution for modern kitchens.

Q2: Are there different series available for the Bosch 27-inch Microwave Oven Combo?

Yes, Bosch offers various series, such as the 500 Series and 800 Series, each with distinct features and performance capabilities.

Q3: Do Bosch 27-inch Microwave Oven Combos come with advanced cooking technologies?

Yes, these appliances often feature advanced technologies like SpeedChef™, convection cooking, and precise controls for efficient and precise cooking.

Q4: Are there self-cleaning capabilities in Bosch 27-inch Microwave Oven Combos?

Some models, especially in the 800 Series, come equipped with self-cleaning capabilities, making maintenance and cleanup more convenient.

Q5: Where can I find customer reviews for Bosch 27-inch Microwave Oven Combos?

Customer reviews can be found on various platforms, including appliance retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, and dedicated appliance websites like ABT. You can get more accurate reviews from Bosch official website.

Q6: Is there a combination of electric convection oven and microwave in Bosch 27-inch models?

Yes, Bosch offers models that combine an electric convection oven with a microwave, providing a comprehensive cooking solution in one appliance.

Q7: Can I find Bosch 27-inch Microwave Oven Combos with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities?

Yes, some models, particularly in the 800 Series, come with built-in Wi-Fi, allowing for remote control and monitoring through smart devices.

Q8: Where can I purchase Bosch 27-inch Microwave Oven Combos?

Bosch appliances, including the 27-inch Microwave Oven Combos, can be purchased from authorized retailers such as Best Buy, Home Depot, and online appliance stores like ABT.

Conclusion for Bosch 27-Inch Microwave Oven Combo

After analyzing various sources, including customer reviews, expert opinions, and product listings, it’s evident that the Bosch 27-Inch Microwave Oven Combo, especially models like the Bosch 800 Series, offers a compelling combination of functionality and innovation. Here are key takeaways:

– Versatility: The combination of microwave and oven functionalities provides users with versatile cooking options, making it a convenient and space-saving choice for modern kitchens.

– Advanced Features: Bosch appliances are renowned for their advanced features, such as SpeedChef™ technology, convection cooking, and user-friendly controls. These features enhance cooking precision and efficiency.

– Design and Build: The sleek stainless steel finish and thoughtful design make Bosch 27-inch Microwave Oven Combos aesthetically pleasing additions to any kitchen. The drop-down door design and self-cleaning capabilities add to the overall convenience.

– Customer Satisfaction: Positive customer reviews highlight the satisfaction of users with the Bosch 27-inch Microwave Oven Combos. Users appreciate features like self-cleaning, ease of use, and the overall performance of these appliances.

In conclusion, the Bosch 27-Inch Microwave Oven Combo, particularly the 800 Series, stands out as a reliable and efficient choice for those seeking a versatile cooking solution with advanced features and a modern design.